Reginal Memorial Hospital


The hospital had two merchant accounts at the time of our discovery meeting with the CFO: (1) countertop payments across all business lines and (2) online payments integrated with their accounting software.

In the past eight years, the merchant processing rates have continued to increase twice a year on average 5 bps (0.05%) per occurrence.

Having multiple departments (Pharmacy, Cafeteria, Parking, Billing, etc. )  did not provide senior management with the necessary reports, and higher than average processing fees were overcharged.

How we helped

With the optimization of the interchange for each department, we were able to help them reduce 8% of their current processing fees and negotiate a rate reduction of 0.80 bps (0.80%) based on the 8-year increase.


Consequently, our client has received two rate increases since we launched our watchlist service in 2018, which was flagged on our end and our client received a refund.


Avrage Monthly CreditCard Valume: $700,000 USD

Annual processing valume: $8,389,000 USD

  • Annual saving $57,697 USD 
  • NO rate increase last 2 years!
  • Detail reporting on each department

What we learned?

Medical and health industries tened to pay higher rate because of the processing valume and integration involved.
The medical Industry stay with their processor,by avrage five years more than any other industries, this also result of higher processing fee paid by the merchant.

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