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Have you noticed an increase in your merchants account?

We built a payment processing watchlist and monitoring system to ensure organizations won’t be impacted by processor rate increases.

our payment processing watchlist and monitoring system are able to notify you on:

  1. CardBrand rates (Interchange fees )
  2. Processing fees and Markups
  3. Per Authorization/per iteam fess
  4. CardBrand/Assessment fees
  5. PCI compliant /PCI fees
  6. Monthly fees (including account monthly service fee and equipment rentals and etc.)
  7. Unnecessary fees (Batch closing fees, annual fees and any other hidden fees)
  8. Chargeback fees
  9. Maintenance fees
  10. Payment Industry updates (card brands,PCI,technologies,fraud prevention and much more)

We carefully monitor any changes in your merchant statement to ensure that will not impact your organization negatively.

The only payment processing monitoring system available in North America, allows you to monitor any changes on your account and notify you immediately of anything that will impact your organization’s bottom line.

Choose Your watchlist Package Service

$0 to $500K
Monthly Processing Valume
$ $99
  • Processing fees monitoring
  • Chargeback/Fraud monitoring
  • Industry news and updates
$500k to $1m
Monthly Processing Valume
$ $499
  • All Basic futures
  • one hour zoom meeting
  • upto 5 merchnat account
$1m to $5m
Monthly Processing Valume
$ $999
  • Dedicated account manager
  • PCI complient survay
  • upto 20 merchnat account
Monthly Processing Valume
  • Process over $5 million a month
  • API integration and monitoring dashboard
  • Data analytics
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Get Started with Our Process

Our goal at Dura Pay is to make your payment processing as simple, secure, and convenient as possible. We have developed a payment processing monitoring system based on our years of experience that will allow you to monitor even the smallest changes that could affect your bottom line.

With our payment processing watchlist service, you can be confident that a more transparent and efficient system in place will scale with your company’s growth, allowing you to mitigate risk, prevent chargebacks and fraud, and take on your toughest challenges. Improve your bottom line.

Discovery / Planning

At this stage we will:

  1. Needs Analysis
  2.  Map transactional environment
  3. Assess pain points
  4. Set a goal

Brainstorming / Solution

  1. Future ecosystem
  2. Optimize the Intarcahange and processing fees (Set new pricing)
  3. Recommend streamline efficiencies


  1. Implementation and Roll Out
  2. Customized reporting

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