Exotic Automotive Dealership


 We discovered several deficiencies in their current process in our discovery meeting with the Dealer Principal. The Dealership had no online portal for parts and apparel orders. The Dealership only utilized two terminals for sales and service, impacting the customer experience. Creating a nightmare for the accounting team, as our client believed they would receive the lowest processing fees with a dealer association.

The implementation of the latest intelligent terminal technology allowed the senior management team detailed sales reports, employee management, marketing and optimize the interchange for each department, reducing 15% of the processing fees.

How we helped

Utilizing the new employee management system, sales have increased, and operating costs have decreased since implementing and deploying the latest intelligent terminals.

Our client has utilized our watchlist service since 2020. We flagged two rate increases on our end, and our client received a refund as a result.


Avrage Monthly CreditCard Valume: $700,000 USD

Annual processing valume: $8,389,000 USD

  • Annual saving $57,697 USD 
  • NO rate increase last 2 years!
  • Detail reporting on each department

What we learned?

Medical and health industries tened to pay higher rate because of the processing valume and integration involved.
The medical Industry stay with their processor,by avrage five years more than any other industries, this also result of higher processing fee paid by the merchant.

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